Welcome to Students Camera Action. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with schools across the world on this project. In short, Students Camera Action is a student-driven news program where students share a common theme and offer their perspectives regularly on a YouTube channel. Each episode will be supported with activities based upon the General Capabilities which exist in our respective curriculum.

The intention of this project is to give students a voice to respond to critical issues that we face globally. They will collaborate in a number of ways but the key to this project, is the opportunity to take action, create artifacts with a strong social message and advocate for sustainability.


Welcome also to our catalog. Here you will find each of our episodes as we publish them. A great way to make sure you're keeping up with all the episodes is to subscribe to our YouTube channel directly. You will notice that our upcoming episodes are being planned and we would like your input. If you or your school are interested in participating, please visit the Get Involved page to find out more through the Guidelines document, or contact our team. Our details can be found on the Meet the Team page.

Finally, please note that teaching General Capabilities Resource Pages with teaching activities to extend the student responses, can be found beneath each episode.

Episode 1

SDG 12 & 2: Responsible Production and Consumption & Zero Hunger.

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Published May 31, 2021

Coming Soon: Episode 2

SDG 13 Climate Action

Coming Soon: Episode 3

SDG 5 Gender Equality

Coming Soon: Episode 4

SDG 4 Quality Education